The ideal bathroom from CERAMICA ALTHEA in a mountain chalet

Outside, a perfect landscape crystallised by the winter cold, and inside, the warmth of a bathroom that exceeds the canons of a room merely used for a service. The bathroom furnished by Ceramica Althea is featured in a lovely chalet, and its functional elements create a relaxing environment, ideal for restoring well-being.

With Ceramica Althea , nothing is left to chance. All of the components contribute to creating harmony: the washbasin, shower tray, and elegant fixtures. Total attention to detail ensures that this bathroom goes beyond current interior design trends.


The architecture of the elements is able to adapt to every need, which personalises made-to-measure solutions that enhance the pleasure of living to the highest. Complements become tools to create a soft symphony for the eyes, with natural materials for a warm, comfortable environment.

Each product is made with the revolutionary material Plus+Ton®, a ceramic surface developed and patented by Althea, completely scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, non-slip, and anti-bacterial. This innovative eco-friendly material conveys the idea of long-term durability, and products made from it can easily replace products that are highly harmful to the environment and non-recyclable, such as resins, solvents and catalysers.

sanitari Ceramica Althea

The Cover fixtures, toilets and bidets, have geometric lines and soft profiles that complement the Movado washbasin, an interesting piece for its thin lines and extraordinary capacity, up to 14 cm, available also in the glossy finishes of traditional ceramics.

The Plus shower tray enriches and integrates the bathroom. The incredible lightness is determined by the aforementioned materials, and also by prime quality raw materials and the study of the design. This has made it possible to reduce production space drastically, and overcome the barriers of traditional ceramics.
In addition, installation requirements are satisfied by the Plus shower tray through the vast range of measurements, and it can be cut to measure if needed, and placed near columns or protruding structures. We guarantee a perfect cut: just draw the cutting lines on the diagram and indicate the relative measurements.

Piatto doccia Plus